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We understand the InKontakt Gestalt Institute Berlin as a living place of encounter and contact. We share existential experiences, essential insights and healing knowledge in a creative process and an experimental and sensual way, to increase the joy of life, personal development, and to help you to cope with your job and everyday life.

We assume that…
  • Appreciation for the present in dialogue, and in the encounter with people is the most important requirement for learning and change processes.
  • Being connected with ourselves and others strengthens our rootedness in the world and enables responsible action in our professional and personal lives.
  • Development takes place in a space that is open to experimenting and trying out new ways of thinking and acting, so that it can be experienced instantly that change is possible.

The InKontakt Gestalt Institute Berlin offers experience-oriented advanced training for Gestalt therapists and people from social, medical and/or pedagogical professions, but also for interested people from other fields of activity. You will find seminars, workshops or year-long groups for professional development and personal growth. We specialize in Gestalt therapy, which is an approach uniquely concerned with the subtleties of awareness and appreciation for what is present in us and in our counterparts. This ability to make vital contact with ourselves and others strengthens creative potential.

The InKontakt Gestalt Institute Berlin was founded at the end of 2014 by the three Gestalt therapists Gabriele Blankertz, Christiane Weber and Silke Wolf. Since 2020 Gabriele Blankertz is the owner and director of InKontakt Gestalt Institute Berlin. Over the years, various colleagues have contributed their specific knowledge and experience to the institute and continue to enrich the program today.

„Contact is the first reality of the human being. Contact connects us with others and the world so that we can develop. Learning and development is the discovery, in contact with others, with the world, and with ourselves that something is possible.“ Perls