mindfulness stressreduction

mindfulness stressreduction

mindfulness stressreduction

Mindfulness and Gestalt with Vera Mysak


Thursdays from 11.00 – 13.00

Vera comes from sunny Odessa in the Ukraine. She is a psychologist, Gestalt therapist and mindfulness teacher. She has been living in Berlin since the beginning of the war in Ukraine and is in the process of rebuilding her life here. Sometimes this is difficult for her, sometimes she is full of joy, sometimes she doesn’t know what to do. But what she feels very clearly is that she loves her life and accepts all the events in it. She has learned to find stability, to enjoy happy moments and she wants to pass on what she has worked for to others.

Through mindfulness exercises we learn to slow down, become more aware of the present moment and appreciate it as what is available to each of us. The course offers a supportive framework to meditate together and understand what meditation is and is not; to learn to cope better with difficult experiences; to stop the flow of negative thoughts and learn how and why it is important to stay in the “here and now”; to learn to make conscious choices rather than living on “autopilot”; to find a way to be kinder to others and to ourselves.

Dates: weekly from 4 participants

Cost: 20 € per session

Registration: inkontakt@gestalt-institut.com

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